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ABB Unveils Generator & Interconnection Protection to Meet Increasing Demands of Growing Distributed Generation

Making grids smarter with ABB’s Relion protection relays

ABB is adding yet another member to its highly renowned Relion® 615 protection and control series of relays, now introducing generator and interconnection protection REG615. The newcomer further strengthens the 615 series, making it the ideal choice for the great variety of applications within distribution protection and control.

REG615 is a dedicated generator and interconnection protection relay with a twofold purpose. Not only does REG615 introduce generator protection in the 615 series, but it also meets the requirements of renewable energy from distributed generation units. Like all other 615 series members, REG615 also fully supports the IEC 61850 standard for communication and interoperability of substation automation devices, including Edition 2, offering substantial benefits in terms of extended interoperability.

As generator protection, REG615 offers full protection both during start-up and normal run, typically in small and medium-sized diesel, gas, hydroelectric and combined heat and power plants. As interconnection protection, REG615 commits to ensuring a stable and reliable grid at times when distributed generation units being directly connected to the grid are growing in both size and number. REG615 is continuously monitoring distributed generation units such as solar or wind farms, both to determine whether and when to disconnect them from the grid as well as to detect islanding from the grid.

The 615 series relays are characterized by compactness and withdrawable plug-in unit design for swift installation and testing. As a member of the Relion product family, the 615 series relays share the same HMI look and feel as the other Relion series relays. ABB ensures full support for all protection and control relays throughout their entire lifecycle through the extensive life cycle services that include training, customer support, maintenance and modernization.

For more information, please visit the REF615, RED615, REM615, RET615, REU615, REV615 and REG615 pages or use the Relion® Interactive Selection Guide (ISG) for a convenient and an interactive overview of the whole Relion product family offering. Also explore the new real-time online Product Selection Tool (PST) for easy access to the latest product information and creation of unique order codes.

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