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Featured Video - AET Flexible Space - 11th April 2016

Glan Blake Thomas Talks a lot of Hot Air, or is it all a Waste of Space?

AET Flexible Space podcast - Founder Glan Blake Thomas talks a lot of hot air

Founder and owner of AET Flexible Space; world leading producer of Under Floor Air Conditioning systems; discusses the merits of using the plenum beneath a raised access floor as the ventilation zone as well as for IT and cable management.

By using Under Floor Air Conditioning systems, ductwork is minimal and in some cases completely eliminated as the underfloor void can be used as the supply air path or, if segregated using air tight baffle material, it can be used as both the supply and return air path. Depending on the season, zone units blow warm or cool air into the void under the floor, which is then blown into the workspace using individual air terminals or ‘Fantiles’.

In today’s world, commercial space is at a premium; Glan Blake Thomas goes on to explain how 10-15% height savings can be achieved by adopting underfloor systems early in the design phase and how AET works with designers and developers to achieve significant savings beyond just energy use.

AET Flexible Space: Less Waste, A Better Use of Space.

This videocast was produced alongside the latest programme in Collaborative Media's series on UK construction; “Building the Future”, broadcast on Sky Channel 189.

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