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Featured Video - Airedale International - 15th April 2016

Direct-to-Chip Liquid Cooling Demonstration at Data Centre World 2016

Direct-to-chip liquid cooling demonstration at Data Centre World 2016

Filmed at Data Centre World, Airedale's Marketing Manager Richard Burcher demonstrates how 3M Novec™ solution can be used as a direct-to-chip cooling solution for data centres. Unlike water, the engineering fluid poses no risk to computer hardware including mobile phones.

Airedale International, a world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative cooling solutions, has partnered with Ebullient, Inc., a manufacturer of premium liquid cooling solutions, to develop a new high-efficiency cooling solution for data centres.

At this year's Data Centre World exhibition, Airedale displayed a new modular hot aisle containment solution featuring its leading rack-based InRak™ IT cooling unit, paired with Ebullient's revolutionary direct-to-chip two-phase cooling system.

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