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Featured Video - Carlo Gavazzi - 22nd February 2016

Energy Metering Alone Does Not Save Energy but Gathered Data from an Effective Monitoring System can Transform how a Building is Run

Energy monitoring solutions Video

Carlo Gavazziís video shows how Energy Managers can have complete flexibility to utilise the plethora of collected data in todayís modern buildings.

For many, the key to successful energy monitoring is flexibility and a solution which provides the ability to monitor single or multiple sites and installations via a gateway is essential. But the ability for this solution to be scalable is also a major benefit for companies large and small because it enables their energy management system to evolve with the company.

Carlo Gavazziís introduction of VMU-C EM energy platform has proved significant. A modular solution, the VMU-C EM allows you to gather data from up to 32 energy meters, power analysers and VMU Series I/O modules on a single installation and view this information on any PC.

One of the main benefits of VMU-C EM is that it also acts as a gateway to other self-contained solutions which have gained in popularity as a result of the fact that many companies find it easier, and financially more viable to commit to a single capital expenditure rather than ongoing hosting costs.

The VMU-Y EM is one such solution, it provides all of the benefits of a multi-site solution without the ongoing costs. A compact 2-DIN module allows the user to aggregate information from up to 10 VMU-C EM units within a single centralised interface. This effectively allows you to monitor up to 320 meters and access the information from any PC using a standard web browser.

The evolution of cloud based technology in recent years has also introduced a greater degree of flexibility in the way that data is gathered and monitored remotely. It is this technology which lies at the heart of our EM²-Server which still uses the VMU-C EM as a gateway but to provide a cloud solution for the management of multi-site applications.

The EM²-Server is a virtual machine software solution which is hosted either in the customerís own facility as a self-contained solution, or in a hosting farm. It enables the user to scale up the size of existing VMU-C EM based installations and as a result allows for flexible monitoring and data aggregation from up to 3200 meters located in up to 100 installation sites within a single central database.

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