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Featured Video - Eaton Electric - 22nd July 2016

Eatonís Airflow Management Solutions

Air flow management and PUE

Heat produced by IT equipment places heavy demands on cooling equipment, which in turn consumes large amounts of energy. It is important to attain the correct cooling levels as efficiently as possible. But how? Eatonís Airflow Management Solutions (AMS), for example, keep the hot air produced by the IT equipment separate from the cold air used to cool it. They improve power efficiency by preventing mixing of hot and cold air thus reducing the level of cooling required for the IT equipment.

Eatonís AMS solutions optimise IT equipment, improve information processing, create a greener data centre and increase flexibility for the data centre manager. A wide range of partial and total containment solutions is now available to accommodate hot aisle containment and cold aisle containment, rack-based heat containment and room based AMS. For example, Eatonís aisle containment solutions include a variety of aisle ceilings and overhead vertical wall systems, aisle ducts and end-of-row doors that alleviate the oversupply of cool air in the data centre.

In addition, containing cold and hot airflows improves power utilisation effectiveness (PUE) - a ratio used to define the total energy used by a data centre to the energy used by its IT functions - by more than 60%!


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