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Featured Video - Grundfos Pumps - 11th March 2016

The CR Air-Cooled Top Pump from Grundfos Explained

The CR Air-Cooled Top pump from Grundfos  explained

The Grundfos CR Air-Cooled Top multistage, inline pump is for applications that require handling very hot liquids, from 120°C to 180°C (248-356°F). The pump has a special air-cooled shaft seal chamber, ensuring that the liquid temperature around the shaft seal does not exceed the level it can withstand. Since the Air-Cooled Top chamber keeps the liquid under 120°C, it uses a standard Grundfos shaft seal. And it does not require any external cooling.

Our application manager, Michael Laustsen, guides you through this pump, taking it apart and showing how the Air-Cooled Top functions and why Grundfos designed it that way. See how simply it works!

For more information on sizes, materials, data booklets, service manuals, etc., please visit the Grundfos CR family page in Grundfos Product Center or use the email option below:

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