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Featured Video - Lighting Controls - 8th February 2016

Lighting Controls New Head End Software Package

Head End Demo

The Lighting Controls new PC-based Head End software package acts as a central programing point for the internal lighting of buildings, car parks and external areas as well as maintenance and emergency testing. The display shows a plan of individual luminaire status. If a luminaire is faulty that is clearly displayed, as well as network settings that relate to it, such as percentage illumination and to what zone it belongs. Additionally, PIR movement detectors are shown and can be individually adjusted regarding sensitivity and time out time.

The testing of emergency lights is controlled by the Head End software including the generation of comprehensive reports. The tests include a Functional Test (indicating any emergency lights that do not work), and a Duration test during which the emergency backup batteries are checked for the length of time they will support the emergency lights. These tests can be scheduled for a time when those in the building will not be inconvenienced, or the tests can be performed on different zones sequentially, or, for instance, on every-other-fitting so that all lights in a zone are not out at the same time. This is particularly useful if an area is in 24 hour use.

The historical activation of lights is recorded which has positive security implications, and can also be used for energy consumption reporting. The software can be used to programme zones to illuminate according to a particular schedule as well as to force zones to illuminate for extraordinary events.

Different user levels can be created such that, for instance, some personnel may have access to reports while others may be allowed to adjust programmes.

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