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Article Date: 1st February 2016

ARDEX UK - Royal Bank of Scotland

Royal Bank of Scotland - Levelling Compound - Tile Adhesive

ARDEX - The Royal Bank of Scotland

The Royal Bank of Scotland, created in 1727, is now a leading global bank. Its headquarters in Edinburgh sees thousands walk through its reception every year, and the area required an extensive renovation. To achieve this, ARDEX products and specification team were selected for the project, with the work commencing July 2015.

The project was not short on complexity – grade 2 listed tiles were under the previously carpeted flooring, and these had to remain in place and intact. This meant that the historic tiles had to be levelled with a levelling compound that could go over this substrate, to create an even surface for the next stage of the installation, without any damage to the tiles. ARDITEX NA, a levelling compound that adheres to almost all substrates was used to level the tiled floor.

To protect the grade 2 listed tiles, and to ensure that further renovations in the future could be more straightforward, the ARDEX Decoupling Mat was used to provide a tileable surface, protecting and separating the tiles from the new tiles that were to be installed. The Decoupling Mat is also designed to withstand the high level of traffic that would be passing over the reception floor upon completion.

Adrian Ashby, Business Development Manager at ARDEX, commented: “The fast-drying properties of several ARDEX products were especially important due to the strict timeframe of the project, which had to be completed quickly in order to minimise disruption to RBS customers. For example, ARDEX X 32 Rapid Drying Natural Stone Wall and Floor Tile Adhesive, was a key product for this renovation, the adhesive is rapid-drying to the extent that it can be walked on and grouted in as little as three hours after fixing.”

A variety of ARDEX products were used on the project which included:

  • ARDITEX NA - Ultra Rapid Setting Latex Sub-Floor Levelling and Smoothing Compound
  • ARDEX Decoupling Mat
  • ARDEX X 32 - Rapid Drying Natural Stone Wall and Floor Tile Adhesive For Internal and External Use
  • ARDEX MG Tile Grout - Rapid Drying Marble & Natural Stone Tile Grout

Adrian concluded: “ARDEX X 32 was also the only product capable of dealing with the thickness and heaviness of the granite slabs, and the fact that it is designed for fixing moisture sensitive natural stone tiles meant that it was perfect for these tiles, which are susceptible to moisture and staining. ARDEX MG Grout was also used for this purpose, as it virtually eliminates risk of water staining, also known as ‘picture framing’ on tile edges.”

In all these cases, the synergy of ARDEX products was important in performing the renovation to the highest standard. The fact that several fast-drying or moisture-resistant products could be used in tandem meant that the best results could be achieved.

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