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Article Date: 25th February 2016

Brugg Pipesystems - Pre-Insulated Pipes at Ecobuild 2016 (Stands E1286 & E4287)

Pre Insulated Pipes - Steel Carrier Pipe - Flexible Pipe

Brugg Pipesystems - Pipe Laying

A to B via Flexwell

Sometimes conventional laying of pre-insulated pipes in open trenches would mean unacceptable disruption to users of road, rail or water links. Brugg Pipesystems offers a solution in Flexwell - a stainless steel carrier pipe, protected by a steel armoured casing. It is suitable for continuous operation up to 140°C and 16 bar.

Flexwell is an extremely strong, flexible pipe with a corrugated steel casing and waterproof LDPE coating, so it can withstand even the roughest treatment. This means it is perfectly suited to installation by Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD). BRUGG has its own installation team to carry out such pipe installation with minimal impairment to the surface.

Click here to watch a recent example of the non-disruptive crossing under railway tracks and a 4-lane country road in Münster, Germany video.

In another project near Stockholm, Sweden the district heating network needed to be extended to a botanical garden with ancient fruit trees, some of them more than 200 years old. Equally important, the pipe system in question had to cross a 40m wide busy railway track.

Within two weeks of receipt of the order, the pipe had been manufactured and fitted with two connections and pulling heads and loaded on the Brugg pipe trailer along with the accessories needed.

Trenches had been prepared in advance either side of the tracks which enabled the Brugg installation team to start work immediately. The rig was positioned and the pilot hole was drilled. The two lengths of Flexwell pipe could be pulled through the ground. While pulling the pipe the borehole was widened simultaneously. Water was then removed from both trenches, the ground cleaned and gravel placed to prepare the ground. The installation team welded connections onto the ends of the two Flexwell pipes in order to integrate them into the existing system of rigid steel pipes. In the early evening the installation of BRUGG’s work was complete.

A to B in a day? It’s possible with Flexwell.

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