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Article Date: 10th February 2016

Clos-o-Mat - Go to the Loo to Increase Visitor Numbers

Accessible Toilet - Assisted Accessible Toilet - Adult Changing Bench

Clos-o-Mat - Everyman Exterior

Venues can increase their share of a £multi-million market by making the toilets more accessible.

So claims new research, reinforcing a theory presented by the market leader in toilet assistive technology at home and away, Clos-o-Mat. The research, undertaken by Disabled Access Day with Euans Guide, highlighted that having an accessible toilet was the second highest influencing factor for respondents, with 80% of those surveyed listing it as important.

“We go to the toilet on average eight times a day, so the chances are if you’re visiting somewhere away from home- whether a simple trip to the shops or a day out- you will need to make use of washroom facilities,” explains Robin Tuffley, Clos-o-Mat Marketing Manager. “Research also shows that for the ¼million+ people who need the help of a carer, or many of the 6million people with bowel issues - conventional accessible toilets are not appropriate. They need extra space, and/or equipment. They represent a significant number of the 11million people registered disabled in the UK, who spend over £200billion a year!

“So there is strong justification for making the capital investment in appropriate toilet facilities: sometimes just adding a hoist, adult changing bench or wash & dry toilet makes the difference, but in an ideal world, a fully-equipped Changing Places assisted accessible toilet would be desirable, as per current Building Regulations.”

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