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Article Date: 22nd February 2016

EVDS - The Hospital Club

The Hospital Club - Vacuum Drainage Technology - Vacuum Drainage


This building was originally constructed in 1749 as a maternity hospital. It stayed as a medical facility witnessing such pioneering events such as the creation of the first artificial kidney and the first tests in dialysis until it finally closed its doors to the medical profession in 1992.

The building now boarded up was re-discovered by Paul Allen, co founder of Microsoft & Dave Stewart formerly of the rock duo the Eurythmics. Their plan was to produce a venue that would actively encourage its members to create, connect and collaborate. Their creation, the aptly named Hospital Club re-opened its doors in 2004.

In 2014, the club decided to convert the 3rd floor in 15 varied sized hotel rooms. This would range from small pod style rooms to two suites with balconies. However, the designers faced a problem in the fact that the club generated lots of noise from the lower floors from the clubs, restaurants and music studios below. However, by using vacuum drainage technology, the waste was lifted to high level and directed towards the existing building riser that had been already sound proofed.

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