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Article Date: 25th February 2016

Flowcrete Pours the Perfect Flooring Blend at Hong Kong’s Newest Starbucks

Resin Terrazzo Floor - Hong Kong Starbucks - Resin Flooring

Flowcrete - Starbucks Hong Kong

Bright, full bodied, colourful and resinous doesn’t just describe the coffee at Starbucks’ latest Hong Kong outlet – as Flowcrete has blended together a luxurious and vibrant resin terrazzo floor that meets the store’s crucial hygiene and brand criteria.

The city’s new Starbucks Reserve™ Coffee Experience Bar, located in Gala Place, Mong Kok, commemorates the iconic coffee seller’s 15th year in Hong Kong and has been designed to be both a centre for premium coffee and a creative hub for local artists. As one of the most densely populated places in the world, Mong Kok has an energetic, bustling atmosphere and Starbucks was eager that its new store tapped into this spirit.

This commitment to providing quality produce alongside an interesting and engaging customer experience meant that every public-facing element of the site had to be able to reflect the store’s style despite wear and use from large numbers of people.

To achieve this, Starbucks required a floor that would maintain a clean, attractive and on-brand finish despite constant foot traffic, frequent cleaning and the inevitable coffee spillages. By installing 280m² of both the semi-dry cementitious screed Isocrete K-Screed and the seamless epoxy resin terrazzo system Mondéco Earth the store was able to create a visually appealing and highly durable floor build-up.

An almond coloured Mondéco Earth finish was chosen to complement the cool, contemporary and urban interior design scheme – a look that is critical to Starbuck’s strong brand image. Light reflective granite and flint aggregates were incorporated into the epoxy coating to create a glittering lustre across the floor area.

Mondéco Earth’s seamless, impervious and easy-to-clean finish meant that it would be easy for Starbucks to keep the floor area looking fresh and unblemished and its durability means that it will be able to maintain these properties for an extended period of time. This is a considerable advantage when compared to the traditional tiles used in coffee houses that have cracks or joints where dirt and dust can get trapped.

Isocrete K-Screed’s exceptional drying and curing speeds was a significant advantage for the store, as it sped up the flooring project and allowed for an earlier opening date. Isocrete K-Screed is able to provide these application benefits without compromising on functionality, as it delivers a strong, level and reliable platform that is perfect for the application of a Mondéco Earth finish.

The General Manager for Flowcrete Hong Kong, Francis Tang, said: “This project exemplified the ability of our Mondéco range to create flooring that both ties into a brand’s visual persona while simultaneously being robust and practical so that it will shrug off the on-site challenges and facilitate a clean, pleasant environment.

“Every aspect of Hong Kong’s new Starbucks outlet has creativity and excellence at its core, local urban street artists painted murals on the walls and the best Starbucks baristas in Hong Kong were brought in to make elite coffee. Mondéco Earth was ideal for creating a floor that reflected this deluxe style thanks to its high-end, cosmopolitan appearance.”

The global resin-flooring manufacturer Flowcrete has developed its high performance screeds and decorative flooring solutions to provide developments with a wide range of aesthetic possibilities that will be able to withstand even the most demanding commercial environments.

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