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Article Date: 23rd February 2017

Advanced Air - Fan Coil Remote Display Module

Fan Coils - Remote Display Module - Fan Coil Units

Advanced Air - Remote Display Module mounted on the outside of the fan coil control box

A series of clever fan coil designs have been announced by Advanced Air and include some innovative ideas such as the remote display module RDM. This is surface mounted on the control box cover so there is easy access without having to remove any screws, bolts, etc. It means that commissioning is much easier and the fan coil can be commissioned without the BMS being completed. It also provides a cross check between what the BMS is displaying and what is actually happening within the fan coil unit.

The remote display module’s PCB features an LED seven segment display with four characters. It has buttons for auto/manual mode selection, calibration and up/down buttons to change the fan speed (air volume) when in manual mode.

The seven segment display can show the precise voltage at the fan motor and from this the air volume can be accurately calculated or found from a simple graph voltage/air volume. This display could also show the average r.p.m. of the motors and information on status and faults.

There is also the opportunity to check the state of the filters. The RDM can be pre-set to alert the BMS at a pre-determined fan speed that the filter may need cleaning or replacing. This saves energy as it does not allow the fan speed to go beyond a certain point.

When in automatic mode the unit will display the voltage being applied by the BMS. This is very helpful during commissioning because it eradicates any confusion that often can occur between the BMS engineer and commissioning engineer.

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