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Article Date: 13th February 2017

Aquilar Launches New AT-G-ALERT

Refrigerant Gas - Refrigerant Gas Detection - Refrigerant Gas Detector

Aquilar - AT-G-ALERT

Aquilar is pleased to announce the launch of the new AT-G-ALERT. This new and improved product will replace the existing AT-G-SENSE as of mid-February, providing a host of new features encased in a low profile, neutral design.

The new AT-G-ALERT provides monitoring for refrigerant gas used in cooling and heating systems. These are mostly VRF/VRV (Variable Refrigerant Flow/Volume) systems found in large public and private buildings. On detection of a refrigerant gas leak, the AT-G-ALERT warns occupants of the affected area with an audible alarm and visible light, also alerting the building management and automation system if required. Dedicated relays on the unit can even alert the emergency services or activate valves or extractor fans within the building.

The AT-G-ALERT uses programmed relay actions which can engage different valves and systems, according to leak concentration. This ability to distinguish between high or low concentration leaks ensures that the leak is always dealt with in the most effective and appropriate manner. In addition to these features, the product assists in compliance with current regulations and assessment methods such as BS EN378, BREEAM, F-Gas, LEED, SKA and is easy to install with trouble free calibration.

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