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Article Date: 14th February 2017

Cembrit Launches Technical Services Division

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Cembrit - Phil Wilden Depot Manager Southampton

Roofing and cladding expert, Cembrit has established a Technical Services division to provide its customers with the support and resources they require to specify, design and install roofing products.

Stepping into the role as Technical Manager, Phil Wilden has worked at Cembrit for over 10 years. With an impressive in-depth knowledge of the roofing industry, slate products and installation methods, Phil is best placed to offer Cembrit customers with the advice they need to successfully complete a roofing project.

Phil recently developed a new design tool for roofers, specifiers and selfbuilders, and will be offering this service alongside other technical support. The new software creates an impression of how a roof will appear and calculates the required quantities to achieve this design.

A roof represents a large proportion of the external area of a property, and therefore comprises a substantial part of the property’s overall appearance, as well as signalling a large cost. Cembrit’s design service helps to ensure that roofers, specifiers and selfbuilders can visualise what a slate roof would look like on their property, as well as understand the relevant quantities of materials involved in realising their vision. The software performs each of these calculations and equips its customers with useful information to then obtain realistic estimates on their projects from roofing companies.

Cembrit’s intention is to enable its customers to fulfil their vision of the project by supplying answers to all of the important questions they may have, including what products are available to them, where to obtain these and who can best install them.

With the new Technical Services Division, Cembrit customers now have direct access to a support team that can provide technical advice, and has access to brochures and installation guides.

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