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Article Date: 10th February 2017

EVDS - KidZania - Westfield Shopping Centre London

Westfield Shopping Centre - Vacuum Drainage System - Waste Water

EVDS - Westfield Shopping Centre

The concept of KidZania is to bring a small world designed totally around children to fulfilment.

With the idea being originally from Mexico, KidZania has opened its doors to these small worlds in major cities globally.

When they decided to construct their new development in the Westfield Shopping Centre, free space was extremely limited. However, it was decided that an area could be available above an existing supermarket. The supermarket objected to potential waste water services being piped through there building. The installation of a vacuum drainage system allowed the waste pipes to be lifted to high level where they all remain within the confines of the KidZania premises.

EVDS - British Airways Aircraft SimulatorThe system is fitted with over 40 vacuum toilets and over 100 interface units collecting water from the various attractions that KidZania offers its young customers.

These include a fire station with a simulated burning building and powerful drench hoses, an ambulance station with a mobile ambulance that drives around the internal road system, a sports stadium where budding sports stars of the future can showcase their skills and even a British Airways commercial aircraft where everyone has the opportunity to land the aircraft on the simulator whilst experiencing the same treatment level as first class passengers.

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