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Article Date: 3rd February 2017

Vertiv - Paragon Internet Group

Paragon Internet Group - Data Centre Cooling - UPS System

Vertiv - Data Centre

Paragon Internet Group saw its cloud hosting business rise by 277 percent during a period of significant growth between 2012 and 2013. This increase, coupled with the company’s plans for international expansion meant that the company needed to revisit its data centre strategy in order to support its ambitious growth plans as it had outgrown its co-location facility.

Adam Smith, director, Paragon Internet Group, explained, "With over ten years of co-location experience, I had seen the right way and wrong way for data centre expansion. In order for us to realise the full benefits of having our primary data centre in our headquarters, the project required a vast array of expert knowledge, which is where the individual contractors added real value. Though we knew the end destination, we needed experts to help us get there - on time, and on budget."

With this in mind, Paragon began to put in place plans to design its own data centre, which would provide the company with unparalleled control over its business operations; ensuring uptime, performance and security for the group’s 70,000+ global customers.

"Building our own data centre infrastructure was the next logical step for our combined online businesses, as we continue to concentrate on delivering unbeatable customer support and technical expertise, while focusing on global expansion. We decided to go down the purpose-built facility route as an alternative to expanding on existing co-location facilities primarily due to the need to future proof the business, and secondly the scalability of having our own dedicated data centre. Investing in our own premises also allows for longterm cost saving as well as increased reliability by guaranteeing that our service delivery is in our own hands and not those of third-party provider," added Adam Smith.

Partnership is the Name of the Game
Renowned for its enterprise-grade data centre solutions, Vertiv was selected by Paragon not only to install professional-grade hardware, but also to partner with Paragon to deliver true expertise and industry knowledge.

"The team felt that Vertiv had the best understanding of the brief, the scope of work, and the ability to articulate and deliver technical and commercial solutions. The team worked closely with the key decision makers at Paragon to show how their solution provided the best ROI. This, along with the demonstration that Vertiv offered the best ease of expansion for load growth, minimised PUE as well as scalability and energy efficiencies, convinced us that we had the right partner for this project," added Adam Smith.

With potential vendors involved in the design process, alongside architects and building contractors, Paragon wanted the project to be a real team effort. Mike O’Keeffe, VP services for Vertiv in Europe, Middle East & Africa, says, "Adam and the Paragon team stressed how they wanted us to work closely not only with Paragon, but also with the other vendors in order to devise the best solutions. This approach made the project feel like a genuine partnership, with leading vendors working together to deliver a best-in-class solution."

The Dedicated Facility
Paragon Internet Group finished construction of its first Tier 3-plus, 2N data centre in November 2013. Its new dedicated 20,000 square foot facility has the capacity for 120 high density racks, which significantly expands Paragon’s previous network and will help facilitate its rapid growth. Within the facility, Paragon deployed Liebert® PDX data centre cooling units, together with Liebert Trinergy™ UPS systems, which not only maximise energy efficiency, but also guarantee enterprise standard reliability and flexibility, backed up by industry-leading direct expansion cooling technologies. The Liebert PDX solutions have also increased the facility’s Power Utilisation Effectiveness (PUE) and significantly lowered its environmental impact.

Moreover, Liebert Trinergy UPS, which is ideally suited to enterprise-scale data centre facilities, provides Paragon with real-time insights into power supply and load conditions. By automatically selecting the most efficient operating mode, the Liebert Trinergy systems will ensure that Paragon sees lower energy consumption as well as a reduction in CO2 emissions. "This project was a true partnership, which is a real testament to the approach that the Paragon team has to business. All partners worked very closely together and the end result has justified Paragon’s methodology," says Mike O’Keeffe. "Vertiv solutions are designed to enable expansion and scalability of load growth in the future, offering a distinct return on investment to Paragon. We are very proud to have been a part of the latest chapter in Paragon’s incredible growth story and certainly look forward to working closely with the team for years to come as the company goes from strength to strength."

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