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Article Date: 22nd February 2018

Formica - Intense Colours Burst into Kitchens in 2018

Kitchen Cabinets - Formica Splashback - Formica Range - Formica Worktop

Formica - Cassis Gloss Feature Splashback from Axiom® by Formica Group

The bright, all-white kitchen trend is no longer in favour. Intense, emotionally-charged colours that reflect and deflect our busy lifestyles are predicted to be trending in 2018. In fact, in stark contrast to forgone trends - the bolder, the better.

It is understandable that the kitchen has become a key place for bold colour bursts. As the domestic hub of the home where families and friends gather, kitchens are taking on accent colours that make a statement and energise the home. Splashes of colour are able to transform our mood and uplift us in a way that flat, one-dimensional coloured kitchens simply cannot achieve.

There’s a movement away from pastels and towards more intense colours. However not all bold colours have to be obnoxiously bright, they can be sensitive, subtle and even soothing. These colours may even take on tones and textures that are inspired by nature, such as clay, copper, ginger and saffron.

Often described in terms of creating the “mood” of the home, the overarching idea is that through the incorporation of colour into our daily decor we can stimulate our senses and express our personal tastes. For example, our busy modern lifestyles push us to seek out balance and harmony and so accordingly we want to experience these feelings in the sensory experience of our homes. Colour can be used to evoke these emotions and can also create a feeling of productivity and positivity.

One particular colour to watch out for in 2018 is deep purple. Pantone announced Ultra Violet, a shade of purple, as the colour of the year for 2018. Purple is traditionally associated in the western world with royalty, magic, intrigue and piety. For Pantone, Ultra Violet also represents new beginnings. It’s predicted that this dramatic purple will be showcased everywhere in the home, from kitchen cabinets to the hallway.

Cassis, a tone of purple in the Axiom by Formica® range, is one way to incorporate this on-trend splash of colour in your kitchen. Available as a feature splashback, Cassis can help to inspire an uplifting feeling.

Eva Hoernisch, Group Creative Product Director, comments: “Our kitchen décor inspiration is derived from around the world and is always forward focused so that the range on offer is on trend and in line with customers’ design appetites. With contemporary colours on everyone’s decor wish lists in 2018, Formica Prima has a range of vibrant colours, luxury metallic and modern optical solids to choose from to satisfy any style.”

Formica - Maui from Formica Prima® featured as a splashbackFormica Prima® splashbacks offer a cost effective alternative to tiles and a stylish contrast to truly make your kitchen space your own. Updated to always be on trend, Prima® splashbacks are designed to reflect a personalised style so you can have that “just you” element. With 36 decors to match or complement the Prima® worktop range, which include stones, marbles and granites, premium metallic and high gloss accent colours, there is the freedom to extend your chosen surface throughout your kitchen for design consistency.

To complete your kitchen look, it is also worth considering the incorporation of complementary upstands. Upstands help to create a clean space, hiding the gaps and unevenness of walls to unify the look of any kitchen.

With the aforementioned kitchen trends already starting to emerge, you can go boldly into 2018 by choosing colour bursts that evoke your desired emotion and showcase your style.

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