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Article Date: 2nd February 2018

Grundfos Centers on Customers

Grundfos Product Center - Selection Support Hub - Pump System

Grundfos Product Center

The Grundfos Product Center (GPC) is an online selection support hub that will give anyone who has a requirement to design or replace a pump or pump system, straightforward access to a wide range of information.

By simply inputting basic head and flow parameters, the GPC will not only offer a choice of pump options, classed in various way, including by efficiency, but will give you access to a range of supplementary information. In addition, it provides you with a range of useful support tools such as a pipe friction loss calculator, NPSH calculator, cable calculator as well as a template for sizing a pumping station.

Like all good systems the GPC is a work-in-progress that is under constant development so it continues to scope and monitor how people are using it, where they are visiting to work out what more they may require from it.

With so much flexibility and a range of bespoke options that can help you to configure it to meet your own needs, the GPC is the place to head to, when you need more from your pumps and your pump supplier. So, make www.grundfos.co.uk/gpc your first stop.

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