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Article Date: 5th February 2018

Grundfos - Have you got the Energy to make Savings?

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Grundfos - Have you got the energy savings

Saving energy as well as CO2 have become increasingly important targets for many companies. It will come as a pleasant surprise to realise that there are occasions when it is possible to achieve these ambitions and pumps are often a major contributor, as they provide the potential to deliver major savings on both fronts.

So how can you achieve this? Well at Grundfos Pumps, we offer a range of diagnostic tools including an Energy Check that will help to establish the current pump system performance. This is exactly what we found out when we recently worked with a range of clients to see how we could help them. This included a brewery where we delivered an energy saving of 75% simply by identifying and changing key pumps; a chassis manufacturer that benefitted from a pump upgrade and saved 51%, while a power plant saw a saving of 50% from taking Grundfos’ advice.

This means that regardless of if the priority is cost reduction, CO2 savings, ROI, a water usage reduction or just simply to get advice on your current installations, Grundfos have the tools, expertise and integrity to help you to achieve your ambitions.

To find out more, please use the email option below and see how you can put your energy to better use.

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