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Article Date: 21st February 2018

Purus’ Tile Adapter Grates: Installation Instructions Now Available on the Purus Website

Tile Adapter Grates - Floor Gullies - Level-Access Shower Areas

Purus Tile Adapter Grate

Purus, the Swedish manufacturer of floor gullies and drainage solutions for wetrooms and level-access shower areas, have recently published installation instructions for their Tile Adapter Grates on their website. The Tile Adapter Grates come in three different designs and are compatible with all of Purus’ Mini Series floor gullies when being installed with a tiled floor finish.

Their Tile Adapter Grates feature a circular plastic piece which fits into the top of the gully, and a square stainless steel grate above. The three Adapter Grate designs include the Twist pattern; the Platinum grate which has a minimalistic plain stainless steel finish; and the popular Tile Insert solution which allows you to install your choice of tiles (up to 10mm in thickness) into the grate itself, giving an uninterrupted finish with the rest of the wetroom. All vinyl and tile grates are compatible with Purus’ complete range of Mini Series floor gullies: the Minimax 50, Mini Brage 50, Mini Brage 110 and the Minimax Two Part.

The Minimax Two Part is a floor gully for level-access wetrooms using either vinyl or ceramic tiled floor finishes. It has been designed as a two-part system for ease of installation into Purus’ Self-Supporting Wetroom Former Trays when using a joist floor; and can also be installed into concrete floors. Like all of Purus’ Mini Series floor gullies, the Minimax Two Part includes their NOOD no-odour water trap to prevent foul air coming up through the drain; and has BBA Certification and BIM objects available.

In addition to the installation instructions, there are many more details of all Purus’ grates and gullies, including technical drawings and images, available on their website: www.purusgroup.com. You may contact Purus’ Technical and Sales Teams by using the email option below:

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