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Article Date: 12th February 2018

Spirax Sarco - Steam Users Urged to Capitalise on Benefits of Condensate Recovery

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Spirax Sarco - Boilerhouse

Companies relying on processes driven by steam are being urged to manage their condensate more effectively after the launch of a new white paper which details the potential cost and productivity benefits on offer.

According to the white paper, entitled The unsung hero of boiler house efficiency, the process of recovering condensate from a steam system used for process heating can play a big part in helping global industry to mitigate the impact of economic uncertainty – with some even able to reduce boiler fuel costs by up to 20%.

The white paper takes an in-depth look at the importance of high quality hot treated water and why it needs to be managed, before going on to outline a step-by-step guide to the process.

With a host of other benefits on offer to steam users, ranging from lower operating and maintenance costs, to reduced downtime and optimised productivity, managers of energy, maintenance, and the boiler house environment have a huge opportunity to use condensate management to boost their bottom line.

Spirax Sarco - Chris ColemanChris Coleman, Marketing Product Manager – Condensate Handling at Spirax Sarco, commented: “Very few industrial users of steam seem to be aware that the benefits of condensate recovery are such that a system can pay for itself over a period of just one to two years. With such an attractive payback period on offer – not to mention watertight compliance with an ever-increasing body of regulation – recovering that high-quality, treated hot water should really be seen as a no-brainer for steam users, regardless of the industry they operate in.”

The unsung hero of boiler house efficiency: How condensate recovery can transform steam system performance is available to download by clicking here.

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