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Article Date: 26th February 2018

Trend Control Systems - Your Flexible Friend

Terminal Unit Controller - Independent Control Valves - Terminal Units

Trend IQ®ECO 32

A nine-point terminal unit controller with four analogue outputs, Trend’s IQ®ECO 32 has been developed in response to the growing demand for a device that works alongside pressure independent control valves (PICV) with analogue actuators and local fresh air dampers.

The introduction of IQ®ECO 32 confirms IQ®ECO as the leading range of devices for optimising the energy efficiency of terminal units. Since the first product was launched in 2011, it has taken the controls industry by storm and recently notched up impressive sales of over 500,000 units worldwide.

IQ®ECO offers controllers of different sizes from 9-18 inputs/outputs (I/O) and can be used in a diverse array of applications. Four of the controllers – the IQ®ECO 31, IQ®ECO 32, IQ®ECO 35 and IQ®ECO 38 – are for fan coil unit control, while the IQ®ECO VAV variants are designed for control of variable air volume units, and feature integral pressure transducers and optional damper actuators.

IQ®ECO controllers can be seamlessly integrated within a Trend BEMS. By incorporating a range of user-friendly features, such as network identification, IQ®ECO is incredibly easy to install and commission, and those with existing knowledge of Trend products will be instantly familiar with its design and functionality. The Trend System Engineering Tool (SET) Voice Commissioning System can also be used during the installation process, which helps to reduce the time taken to commission main plant and terminal unit controllers.

Andrew Shrives, Marketing Manager at Trend, comments, “The response to IQ®ECO has been phenomenal and it is now one of the most successful products in Trend’s history. The IQ®ECO 32 was the missing piece of the jigsaw and the message is clear – if you need a terminal unit controller that is energy efficient, quick and easy to install and has the flexibility to adapt as requirements change, look no further than IQ®ECO.”

“The response to IQ®ECO has been phenomenal and it is now one of the most successful products in Trend’s history.”

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