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Article Date: 12th February 2018

Zehnder Presents its Overheating in Homes - Ventilation & Cooling Strategies CPD

Radiant Heating - Radiant Conditioning - Mechanical Ventilation - Heat Recovery

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We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and expertise.

Our business specialises in indoor climate solutions and delivering comfort to occupants of a wide range of buildings. We offer a range of CPDs covering key technologies used to heat, cool and ventilate buildings including Radiant Heating, Radiant Conditioning and Cooling and Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery and now Overheating in homes.

With Urbanisation, Density Planning Restrictions and the development of more challenging sites, the rise of overheating issues in buildings has risen significantly over the past few years.

Where new homes are required to meet high quality and insulation levels, the need for effective ventilation and cooling strategies are now crucial to comfort and well-being and to meet planning guidance and regulations. This CPD will explore the reasons for overheating, thermal modelling examples and the benefits of using ventilation and cooling to combat overheating in homes.

Learning Objectives

  • What is overheating, why is it occurring and what are the implications?
  • Regulations and Guidance surrounding overheating in homes e.g TM59
  • Importance of thermal modelling with examples utilising ventilation
  • Ventilation solutions to combat overheating

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