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Article Date: 19th February 2019

DMS - Electromagnetic Flow Meter from DMS Metering Solutions – FLOQUA

Flow Meter - Mag Meters - Water Management - Wastewater Management

DMS - Electromagnetic Flow Meter– FLOQUA

The FLOQUA has joined DMS’s vast product range, this Electromagnetic (MAG) Flow Meter is made from Nylon PA6, reinforced with fiberglass. The internal lining is made of polypropylene or ebonite (depending on the size). This range of MAG meters is available in sizes DN25 up to DN2000. The FLOQUA is mainly used for water and wastewater management, heat-supply systems and in many industries can be used for a wide range of industries, including Chemical or Food applications, where the media may be pure; it can also be used for pulp, sludge and other aggressive liquids. FLOQUA has been designed to allow it to measure the flow of electrically conductive liquids with a conductivity amount greater than 5μS/cm in closed pipeline installations.

The FLOQUA MAG Flow Meter has a 3 key, alphanumeric display (programmed/operated by the 3 keys). The sensor protection rating on the FLOQUA Meter range is IP67 and these Meters are available in either a Cold Version with a temperature range of 0-60°C and an LTHW Version that can measure mediums with temperatures ranging between (-20)-110°C. Depending on which internal lining is used there may be an increase in the minimum and maximum temperatures. There’s even a High-Temperature version that is rated for mediums up to 180°C.

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