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Article Date: 20th January 2016

DMS - The New Compact Heat Meter from DMS Sontex Superstatic 749

Heat Meter - Cooling Meter - Compact Meter - Superstatic 749

DMS - Sontex Superstatic 749

The new fluidic oscillation meter Superstatic 749 is the perfect addition to the already successfully introduced Superstatic 449 that already enjoys great popularity.

The Superstatic 749 is even more compact and seamlessly fits in the Superstatic Product-Portfolio. The Superstatic 749 is a fluidic oscillation meter and is designed for less complex applications.

Thanks to the many data remote reading interfaces the Superstatic 749 can be easily integrated in a building management system or a Smart Metering environment. Two additional pulse inputs e.g. to read warm and cold water meters via Superstatic 749 complete the system.

  • Heat Meter, Cooling Meter or combined Heating/Cooling Meter
  • Fluidic Oscillation meter MID class 2
  • For flows of QP 0.6-2.5m3/hr
  • Detachable integrator, Protection degree IP65
  • Large LCD with 8 digits
  • 2 Pulse inputs for all versions
  • Measuring cycle ≥ 10 s
  • OMS compatible
  • wM-Bus radio, Supercom radio, M-Bus, 2 Pulse outputs, Optical
  • Power supply via M-Bus line by default
  • 18 monthly values
  • Battery life time 6+1 years or 12+1 years
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