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Article Date: 25th January 2017

Kingspan Industrial Insulation - Earn CIBSE CPD Points Quickly & Easily

CIBSE CPD Points - CPD Seminars - Pipe Insulation Systems

Kingspan Industrial Insulation - Ductwork

CPD! Not always first on your agenda for the new year but important none the less! We can offer several CIBSE approved CPD seminars lasting just 45 minutes; easy to fit in over a lunch period and we will even pay for sandwiches!

Rethinking Ductwork
A CIBSE approved seminar which compares the different types of ductwork insulation available and looks in detail at pre-insulated ductwork and the solutions it can provide in terms of thermal performance, air leakage / quality, installation and space saving.

Innovations In Pipe Insulation Systems
This seminar focuses on HVAC and Building Services pipework applications and is presented in Prezi format. It discusses the relevant Building Regulations, fire performance, environmental accreditation's such as BREEAM and compares the different pipe insulation available in the market.

Panasonic Heat PumpEach CPD is followed by a Q&A session and certificates are issued to all those who attend. Our team of representatives are trained in both pipe and ductwork applications and deliver interesting and informative seminars.

Please contact us by using the email option below to book your next CPD stating which seminar you would like, with preferable dates and approximate numbers.

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