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Article Date: 31st January 2018

Formica Kitchens Becoming Canvases for Communication & Creativity

Kitchen Splashback - Feature Splashbacks - Axiom Splashbacks

Formica Splashback

The freedom to personalise and customise our products and spaces is becoming a consumer expectation rather than just a preference, and this trend certainly doesn’t stop at the kitchen. We are driven by a desire to inject our own personality and style into each room of our home and since the kitchen is often the true heart of the home, it’s not surprising that we should want the space to reflect our own unique creativity. One survey indicates that 64% of homeowners choose to host guests in the kitchen so it’s understandable why so many of us are keen to make a good impression with a presentable space.

At Formica Group, we want to help you to express yourself in making your kitchen both fun and functional. The Axiom® by Formica Group feature splashbacks range is perfect for adding that little detail to help make a space your own. Just as a painted feature wall can set the tone in the lounge or bedroom, the same principle can be applied to your splashback in the addition of a pop of colour or texture to the kitchen.

There are seventeen feature splashbacks that have been chosen to complement the Axiom® worktop design options, ensuring your kitchen gets the finishing touch it deserves. The feature splashbacks are inspired by contemporary trends with colours like Blue Canvas, Wasabi, Leaf Green and Cassis.

Formica SplashbackEva Hoernisch, Group Creative Product Director, comments: "Formica Group designers travel around the world for décor inspiration to deliver kitchen surface options that end users want today and will want tomorrow in terms of look. The Axiom feature splashback range has been handpicked to ensure each design has potential to add personality to any kitchen. The contemporary colours and textures provide a focal point and finishing touch to express your creativity."

Textures like Plex or Soft Matte create a more experimental feel. There’s also the sleek and streamlined finish of Gloss which is a good option in a small space as it helps to bounce light around the room. In modern kitchen design, the use of Metallic designs has rapidly evolved from being mere accents to become bold statement surface applications. To elevate your kitchen décor from commonplace to contemporary, you can choose a metallic splashback like Brushed Aluminium. All feature splashbacks are available in 3030mm x 600mm or 3030mm x 1210mm with a 6mm profile.

The average UK new build today is only 92% of the recommended size. In the 1920s, the average home measured 1647 square feet, now the average home measures just 925 square feet. The result is that many homes have been amalgamated into large open plan areas that absorb the home office, dining room, lounge and kitchen into one. Without space for the more traditional home office, kitchens have become the command centre of the home; where calendars hang, notes are scribbled, laptops are charged and homework is written. In fact over 40% of UK kitchens also function as a home office or homework space. Today’s kitchen is truly no longer just for cooking, it’s a space for congregating, communicating and creating too.

Formica ChalkboardFor those of us that really want to add our own flare – you’ll be drawn to the Chalk Black in Soft Matte or the Crisp White in Gloss, which look and act like a chalkboard or whiteboard. The multi-tasking surfaces can be written on with chalks or special board markers – making them a practical yet stylish addition for a household kitchen. This means you can really let your creativity run wild with the freedom to draw art, scribble recipes and shopping lists, and write heartfelt messages or reminders. Instead of pinning artworks to the fridge, why not let the kitchen become your canvas. It’s a great creative outlet for kids and adults too - it will inspire the whole family to create and communicate differently.

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