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Article Date: 25th January 2018

Formica - Are you Sitting Comfortably? From Reclining Chair to Washroom Throne - An ODEON Cinema Revamp

ODEON Cinema - Formica Laminate - Washroom Doors - Sink Panelling

Formica - ODEON Luxe Glasgow Quay

ODEON Luxe Glasgow Quay has unveiled the results of its luxury makeover. A new wave of cinema where every seat is the best in house, this is the second ODEON in Europe to get the entertainment group’s ‘luxe’ upgrade.

Complementing the installation of state of the art visual and sound technology, all cinemagoers now get fully reclining seats for a more complete movie experience. Guests also get to enjoy increased leg room and personal space – and with the help of Formica Group, that also includes the men and women’s toilets.

As an entertainment space designed to offer ultimate comfort, when it came to specifying the material for the men and the women’s toilets it was vital that the aesthetic reflected the luxury image of the cinema.

Formica - ODEON Luxe Glasgow QuayFurthermore, with a recent survey on the public’s use of washrooms indicating that 70% of people are worried about the hygienic state of the toilets outside of their home, it was important that consideration was given to the properties of the washroom material.

Formica® laminate in Prestige Walnut décor was selected for the washroom doors and behind the sink panelling. Fabricated by the Solid Surfacing Company, the decor provides the freshness associated with the great outdoors, minus the high maintenance and hygiene issues of using real wood.

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