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Article Date: 4th January 2019

ABB Power Quality - Contestable Connections: The Cost-Effective Fast-Track Service Offered by ABB

Contestable Connections - Independent Connection Providers - Energy Storage

ABB Power Quality - Contestable Connections

Many of the UK’s DNOs are over-subscribed with applications for new connections. Data centres, wind and solar photovoltaic sites, commercial, industrial and residential developments, electrified road and rail transport as well as energy storage facilities all rely on teams that deliver grid connections. With such high demand, these teams are pressed for time and limited in their ability to deliver a new connection and / or the associated works within the customer’s timetable.

To deal with the bottleneck, Independent Connection Providers (ICPs) now deliver the ‘contestable’ elements of the work, while the DNO delivers the ‘non-contestable’ part. As a result, electrical contractors like ABB are now licenced to provide grid connections for their customers throughout the UK. ABB can deliver these on a turnkey basis, offering its customers a single interface for the entire connection project and even providing the interface with the DNO for the non-contestable work. This approach means that DNOs have come to regard ABB as being a resource that can relieve the burden on their own connection teams.

Industry Accredited

To receive its NERS Accreditation, ABB demonstrated its capabilities in substation design and layout, as well as the ability to cable lay, joint and terminate cables, dig and lay trenches, make connections with overhead lines on wooden poles and steel towers, and install electrical equipment such as switchgear, transformers and protection and control equipment.

Experience and flexibility

ABB has completed many projects for private developers and end users on distribution grids. ABB’s team also recognises the importance of delivering grid connections that meet the needs of both the customer and the DNO. DNOs often have their own specifications and requirements in place in terms of equipment that is approved for installation on the network. As a result, ABB offers flexibility in terms of the products and equipment integrated into the design of substations.

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