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Article Date: 21st January 2019

Purus Publish Mini Series Floor Gully Maintenance Instructions

Floor Gully Maintenance - Floor Gullies - Level-Access Shower

Purus Publish Mini Series Floor Gully Maintenance Instructions

Purus, the Swedish manufacturer of floor gullies and drainage solutions for wetrooms and level-access shower areas, have recently launched their new Mini Series floor gully maintenance instructions. The instructions provide a comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide for how to maintain and clean the NOOD no-odour water traps in their Minimax and Mini Brage floor gullies.

Purus’ Mini Series range incorporates a NOOD no-odour trap with a combined mechanical and water seal, making it the perfect choice for any wetroom; it is also extremely simple to clean and maintain. The NOOD no-odour trap does not allow any foul air to come up the trap even when dried out.

All of the Mini Series floor gullies have stainless steel grates available for vinyl, tiled, resin and micro-cement floors. For vinyl flooring, there are three designs available: Art Deco, Drop and Wave; and there are also three different grate styles available for tiled floors. The PK155 and PK200 square stainless steel grates are installed flush with the tiles on top of the floor gully; and the tile adapter grates sit into the gully itself.

Purus’ new maintenance instructions for the Mini Series gullies, as well as technical drawings, images and installation instructions, are available by clicking here. You can also contact Purus’ Technical and Sales Teams by using the email option below for further information.

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