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Article Date: 21st July 2016

AET Flexible Space - New CPD Encourages Designers to Think Outside the Box

CPD Journey - Under Floor Air Conditioning - Air Conditioning

AET - A CPD Journey

Karl Stauss, Sales Manager at AET Flexible Space is taking Architects and Consultants on his tailor made CPD Journey; the Flexible Space Road Map. AET have supplied Under Floor Air Conditioning both in the UK and worldwide for over twenty years and are the leading authority on this unique air conditioning concept which uses the plenum beneath a raised access floor as the ventilation zone.

By using the plenum in this way, ductwork is minimal and in some cases completely eliminated as the underfloor void can be used as the supply air path; or, if segregated using air tight baffle material, it can be used as both the supply and return air path. Depending on the season, zone units blow warm or cool air into the void under the floor, which is then blown into the workspace using individual air terminals or ‘Fantiles’.

As a niche offering in a highly competitive market, many designers and engineers are unfamiliar with underfloor systems and there is a tendency to specify familiar and known systems rather than taking the risk of adopting something new or unknown. This latest CPD offering has been tailored to encourage designers to think differently or ‘outside of the box’ when specifying air conditioning; answering frequently asked questions and unravelling the myths. Karl Stauss will take you on the Flexible Space journey demonstrating the features and benefits of using underfloor air conditioning that can be applied to a wide range of design challenges.

To view CPD Seminar information please click here.

For more information or to book a CPD Journey with Karl, please contact Lucy Bonsall, Marketing Manager at AET Flexible Space by using the email option below.

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