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Article Date: 18th July 2016

ARDEX UK - Get off your Knees & Apply ARDEX Levelling & Smoothing Compounds with a Pin Rake

Levelling and Smoothing Compound - Pin Rake - Floor Screed

ARDEX Smoothing Compounds with a pin rake.

In recent years the popularity of applying levelling and smoothing compounds with a pin rake has increased. In this article, Darren Robinson, ARDEX National Training and Development Manager, explains the benefits of using a pin rake, and why he’s spending less time on his knees.

Trowelled Application
I’m sure the vast majority of you were trained to use a trowel when entering the industry; I certainly was when I was 16. This method of application means you’ll spend more time kneeling, which can result in problems common with this trade. You spend enough time kneeling installing the final floorcovering, so why spend more time on your knees than you have too?

Application with a Trowel
There’s no doubt that you can achieve a great finish using a trowel; it’s generally the time taken to cover large areas that’s the issue. The size of the trowel dictates the speed you can work at; you can only spread as much as the trowel can cover at one given time, and achieving a consistent thickness of smoothing compound is dependent on the amount of pressure that is used.

Pin Rake/Comb Application
Spending less time kneeling down is one obvious advantage to using a pin rake, but there may be more benefits than you might think. Covering areas faster and more efficiently, more accurate coverage, a more even application, no trowel marks, that’s got to be better, right? Couple this with the superior flow characteristics of all ARDEX Levelling & Smoothing Compounds, and you’ll achieve a smooth, flat floor every time with minimum effort.

Simple to Use
Pin Rakes are simple to set up, just adjust the blade to the desired level or application thickness, lock into position and you’re ready to go. We’ve incorporated pin rake application into every demonstration we deliver at the ARDEX Training Academy, so next time you apply a smoothing compound, consider the benefits above and ask yourself why aren’t you using one?

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