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Article Date: 26th July 2016

Bilco UK - Out of this World Installation for Bilco Products at the European Space Agency

European Space Agency - Roof Access Hatches - Retractable Ladders

Bilco Roof Hatch

Two Bilco SS-50T roof hatches and two BL-ZBOX retractable ladders with trap doors have been installed at the UK branch of the European Space Agency (ESA) at the Harwell Oxford Science, Innovation and Business Campus in Didcot, Oxfordshire. The Bilco products will ensure easy and safe access to the roof of the five-story office building and conference centre for maintenance and repair.

Bouygues UK Regional Director, Cliff Thomas, said, "The ESA want to create an exceptional building, both aesthetically and environmentally, so using the very best products is essential. Bilco roof access products have allowed us to install bespoke sized roof hatches large enough to move personnel and equipment through for maintenance work to be carried out on the green roof."

At 1220mm x 1220mm the two Bilco SS-50T roof hatches are both large enough to move equipment to the roof for the maintenance of the green area. The SS-50T roof hatch includes specialist gasketing and increased insulation for superior energy efficiency and performance making it the perfect choice for a project where energy performance is key.

The Bilco BL-ZBOX retractable ladder with trapdoor is manufactured to EN 14975 (DN 4570) standards and is designed for easy installation and use. Heavy duty counter balancing springs provide safe and controlled operation, whilst a timber lining and trapdoor discretely enclose the ladder from the underside so as to leave interior design uncompromised. Also available is a fire rated 1.5mm steel hatchbox with steel trapdoor, in F30 or F90 versions. The BL-ZBOX retractable ladder is available with telescopic handrails for safer use, insulation for thermal efficiency and can be fitted with electronic operation. Bilco offers a BL-ZBOX backboard designed to provide additional steps and 2 hand rails between the top of the retractable ladder and the top of the structural opening or roof hatch.

The ESA building has been designed to be highly energy efficient and sustainable, reflecting the client’s wishes for low running costs and a BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) Excellent rating. Ground source heat pumps facilitate heating and cooling of the building and high quality insulation and natural ventilation of the office areas have all come together to keep energy use to a minimum.

As well as providing a modern workspace for over 100 ESA staff the development is home to an indoor and outdoor exhibition area, a gym, a new vehicular access route and parking.

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