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Article Date: 18th July 2016

Flowcrete Poland’s Biggest Project at the Country’s Tallest Office Building

Warsaw Spire - Seamless Resin Coatings - Underground Car Park

Flowcrete Warsaw Spire Poland

Last month, the Warsaw Spire became the tallest office building in Poland! Flowcrete took part in the impressive project, providing over 70,000m² of seamless resin coatings for the building’s underground car park.

Warsaw Spire is a complex consisting of three buildings: a 220-metre high-rise and two other office buildings, each 55 metres high. The development is within an area called the European Square, where visitors can also find trees, fountains, cafes and even an art gallery.

The investor and developer of the project, Ghelamco Poland, designed the complex to provide office space for approximately 8,000 people. A five storey underground car park was constructed beneath the lot, with parking space for over 1,200 cars and separate facilities for two-wheeled vehicles.

Flowcrete Warsaw Spire PolandThousands of vehicles belonging to employees, guests, municipal services and suppliers will be using the car park each and every week. The developers therefore knew that the car park would need to cope with a huge amount of traffic. In order to prolong the car park’s lifespan and to guarantee its aesthetics, the investor and architects decided to protect the substrate with a high performance resin floor, as otherwise the structure of the building could be seriously comprised. To fulfil that goal, Flowcrete’s seamless car park deck coating solution was chosen.
Deckshield ID - a flexible, solvent-free polyurethane and quartz sand floor was applied across all five storeys of the cark park, including the decks, staircases and technical rooms. To match the specific construction requirements, the flooring technology was individually prepared.

The Deckshield floor was applied on top of a layer of elastic polyurethane membrane at both 3mm thick as well as at an increased thickness of 3.5mm in certain areas. Over 73,000 m² of car park was covered using this system!

Piotr Jakóbczak, Sales Director at Flowcrete Poland, said: "Warsaw Spire’s underground car park is the biggest project that Flowcrete Poland has supplied resin-flooring material for. While working on such a huge project, Flowcrete Poland could draw upon the extensive global experience that the Flowcrete Group has gained during its involvement in the construction of some of the world’s biggest car parks."

Flowcrete Warsaw Spire PolandDeckshield car park coatings are exceptionally durable, with high wear and abrasion resistance. Moreover they can withstand the corrosive chemicals inherent to car park environments, such as petrol, oil, battery acid or sodium chlorides contained in road salt.

The flexibility of polyurethane floors gives them very good crack bridging properties, even in low temperatures. Deckshield car park coatings are also water impermeable and have an anti-slip finish that enhances safety for the users when the floor is wet or muddy.

The mechanical and chemical properties of Deckshield means that the Warsaw Spire’s parking facility will retain a high performance, visually appealing floor finish for an extended period of time that will guarantee a great first (as well as subsequent) impression upon anyone who parks their car at Poland’s new tallest office building.

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