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Article Date: 25th July 2016

Humidity Solutions - Spotted in the Rain Forests of South London the Rare Nozzle Flower

Nozzle System - Hampton Court Palace - Cold Water Humidifiers

Humidity Solutions - Nozzle System at Hampton Court

Humidity Solutions have supplied a nozzles system to one of the UK’s top garden designers who designed a show garden at the Hampton Court Palace flower show where they were creating a garden to highlight the problems associated with Bowel disease.

One of the things that is required if you have this condition is to drink a lot of water – so the designer wanted to help to highlight the issues with Crohn’s Disease in this beautiful garden project created by one of UK’s top garden designers, who also happens to be a young man suffering from this condition.

The idea with the garden is to stress the importance of drinking a lot of water as a way of dealing with the disease. A line of nozzles hidden around the garden create a symbolic humid mist and keep the flowers vibrant.

The garden was part of the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show which took place from 5-10 July alongside many other beautiful show gardens highlighting different themes.

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