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Article Date: 1st July 2016

Piller UK Rises to the Challenges of Complex Project Delivery within the City of London

Energy Storage - Diesel Rotary UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply

Piller PUK Project

When the Investment Banking Division of one of the World’s largest Banking institutions wanted to upgrade power infrastructure resilience at one of its key sites in the City of London, there were two significant issues driving the selection of the solution to be adopted.

The adoption of technology that offered the highest possible power density along with an energy storage capacity that minimised the number of engine starts was essential. Equally, it was necessary to select an organisation with an experienced and competent Project Delivery unit due to a number of unique challenges arising from the operation, location and layout of the building in which the power conditioning assets were to be installed.

As a consequence, Piller Power Systems emerged as the obvious choice and was selected to supply, install and deliver a medium-voltage Diesel Rotary UPS (DRUPS) solution comprising two off 2,200kVA rated Piller UNIBLOCK™ Diesel Rotary UPS modules with mechanical power provided by prime-rated MTU diesel engines. In addition to the DRUPS modules, the associated MV switchgear, attenuation, remote cooling, bulk fuel, fuel distribution and fuel polishing system formed part of the scope of supply within Piller’s works.

Piller UPSAs a demonstration of Piller’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, the fuel distribution system technology adopted was in the form of stainless steel pipe-in-pipe technology featuring compression joints throughout to provide ease of installation and high integrity.

The solution was successfully handed over to the client in March 2016 and is now fully operational providing enhanced resilience to a critical element of the Bank’s activities.

Commenting on the successful delivery of this project was Matt Cox, the lead Project Manager from Piller UK Limited: "This was a particularly challenging project with the building having to remain operational during the course of the installation and with much of the work having to be undertaken out of normal working hours. The location of this facility next to a hospital as well as a major UK Landmark created challenges from a noise attenuation and visual aesthetics perspective. Finally, the space constraints within the building required our solution to be located in five discrete areas spread across three separate levels. All in a day’s work for Piller!"

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