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Article Date: 21st July 2016

PMA - Solar Impulse Strikes Again: Another World-First for Clean Living

Solar Impulse – Solar Powered Plane - Solar Powered Flight

ABB PMA - Solar Impluse

"We want to represent the new world, the world of #cleantechs. Because the #futureisclean and it starts now!", mused Bertrand Piccard on social media as he steered the ground-breaking solar-powered plane Solar Impulse across the Atlantic Ocean.

Making history for clean living

Although not a first for aviation, this monumental journey across the second largest ocean in the world marks a massive event in the history of clean living; as Solar Impulse makes its name, not only the as first plane to journey across the world without using a single drop of fuel, but also the first Solar Powered flight to take place successfully across this 41,100,000 square mile expanse of water.

Encountering oil tankers, whales, icebergs, and islands along the way, this beautiful flight marks Solar Impulse’s second longest since this round-the-world journey began in March 2015, standing at 71 hours and 8 minutes.

Bringing the future of clean living to the present

Constantly breaking barriers and bringing the world to the edge of what’s possible with clean living and solar power, Solar Impulse truly brings the future of eco-friendly technology to the present; testing the limits and creating the building blocks for a clean, bright future.

PMA’s role in clean living

Solar Impulse is one of many ABB projects happening right now – changing the future of technology – that make us immeasurably proud to be an integral part of such a progressive, global company.

Here at PMA, our environment is important to us; for the last 5 years, contributing to a greener world and a better tomorrow, as part of ABB’s low voltage division. 

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