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Article Date: 18th July 2016

Schneider Electric - Power Quality with a Plus: Schneider Electric Introduces AccuSine+ Active Filters

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Schneider AccuSine

Schneider Electric announces the availability of AccuSine™ PCS+ and AccuSine™ PFV+ active filters. The popular AccuSine line has served the power quality needs of companies all over the world for years; now, the AccuSine+ range uses the latest power electronic components, bringing new functionalities and enhanced performance along with a smaller footprint. Like its predecessor, the new AccuSine+ is designed to enhance efficiency and productivity across many industries, including water & wastewater, oil & gas, food & beverage, mining, minerals, & metals, HVAC, and automotive. AccuSine PFV+ is also an ideal solution for data centres.

AccuSine PCS+ is a flexible, high-performance active filter that stabilises electrical networks, providing ultra-fast, extremely accurate harmonic cancellation, power factor correction, and load balancing. It exceeds all harmonic standards worldwide and is the only harmonic filter in the world to have THD(I) or THD(V) set points (it provides 3% THD(I) when 3% impedance and filter output is greater than 50% of its rating). Unlike passive filters, AccuSine PCS+ cannot be overloaded and is best applied as a system-wide solution to provide dynamic output that adjusts as the load changes.

"Harmonics are a side effect of energy-efficient devices, so the drive toward greater efficiency is creating a need to control harmonics and improve power quality overall - AccuSine PCS+ is a perfect solution," said Poonam Walid, category marketing manager, power monitoring at Schneider Electric. Also now available is AccuSine PFV+, an active reactive current compensation system. AccuSine PFV+ provides high-speed dynamic, step-less power factor correction and load balancing of electrical networks with both lagging and leading power factor. With a faster response time (1/4 cycle), AccuSine PFV+ is an ideal alternative to detuned or anti-resonant capacitor banks.

That faster response time allows AccuSine PFV+ to correct additional power quality problems such as flicker created by loads internal to the facility. In addition, AccuSine PFV+ has infinite resolution of correction versus capacitor banks that have discrete steps. This results in greater precision and accuracy without voltage spikes caused by stepped capacitor bank changes.

AccuSine PFV+ is a worry-free way to provide power factor correction, as it doesn’t have the risk of resonance or harmonic overload that is so common with capacitor banks. Additionally, its volt-var voltage regulation feature is unique in a standard package, allowing the unit to maintain the mains voltage set point with external control allowed.

"AccuSine PFV+ can also correct for leading power factor," said Poonam Walid. "This is a must for facilities such as data farms where the high concentration of servers can create leading power factor and prevent the facility from operating on backup power. AccuSine PFV+ brings the power factor to unity to allow backup power devices to operate at capacity and with optimum efficiency."

Both AccuSine PCS+ and PFV+ feature flexible, multi-function designs that offer top or bottom cable routing and are more compact than previous AccuSine models, saving floor space. Both feature electronic displacement power factor correction, step-less response for power factor correction, mains current balancing, and var injection.

AccuSine PCS+ and PFV+ are now available from Schneider Electric. For more information please use the email option below:

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