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Article Date: 15th July 2016

TheisCraft - New DALI Modular MDB

DALI Modular System - Modular Wiring System - Lighting Control

TheisCraft DALI Modular MDB

The TheisCraft "DALICraft" MDB is truly the first pluggable DAli modular system. Taking the proven 9 port MDB product that has been successfully used in the industry, we now offer the option to use the modular wiring system with pluggable DALI 64 unit which simply plugs in to a port on the MDB.

The master distribution box offers 9 ports, 6 five pole Ensto sockets for connection of luminaires plus 3 three pole sockets for high level power distribution for VAV and Fan Coil Units. All 9 ports wired with a Home Run of any length wrapped in metal conduit wired in 4mm² singles.

The ports offer the ability to connect either an armoured lead from the MDB or soft skin lead, without the need to specify the type of MDB required.

TheisCraft - DiagramThe MDB has a 9 pole connector for the "plug-in" DALI 64 module with all the standard features of a hard wired device. DALI luminaires and DALI sensors can be wired from any of the 5 pole sockets.

The MDB also has 4 x RJ45 sockets for the connection of any system device, such as network PIRs, Scene Control Plates and Switch inputs. So you can install you modular wiring and connect your luminaires at any time and the lights will work without the need for any configuration.

When you're ready to commission the system you simply plug the DALI module in to the MDB and commission the unit. It also means that the DALI module can easily be changed in the future.

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