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Article Date: 10th July 2017

ARDEX - Create the Best Finish Ever with ARDEX

Subfloor Preparation - ARDEX K 39 - Levelling Compound - Tile Grout


Working Against the Clock!

As an ex-floorlayer working alone, I’d often find myself working against the clock, rushing to ensure I could smooth the new mix into the existing one, all within the product's working time.

Have you got your water measured ready for the next mix? How far away is your mixing station? What’s your access like into the building? All these things can take up the limited time you have between mixes, meaning you could struggle to avoid trowel marks, and visible joints and ridges, particularly during the hotter summer months.

How often have you come back the next day, only to find you need to carry out additional preparation work before installing the floorcovering?


Of course, it’s always possible to create the perfect subfloor, but ARDEX have a product that takes some of the stress away from the subfloor preparation process, particularly if you're working on your own.

ARDEX K 39 can be walked on in 2 hours but has an extended working time of up to 40 minutes.

What does this mean? Well, put simply, you can relax! Once mixed, you’ve got 40 minutes to pour and level, which means you can easily smooth new mixes into your last poured mix, so you'll have more time to spend smoothing and finishing.

What are the Benefits of an Extended 40 Minute Working Time?

  • More time between mixes, no need to rush
  • More time to pour new product into existing product, eliminating ridges and joint marks
  • More time to focus on creating the perfect subfloor, no trowel marks

Outstanding Flow

ARDEX K 39 ensures the best possible finish, with minimum effort, even standing up, utilising a pin rake or smoothing blade. The outstanding flow of ARDEX K 39 means you don’t even have to use a spike roller, saving you even more time.

Produce Winning Results Every Time

The unique features of ARDEX K 39 helps you create the perfect subfloor, every time, meaning you’re ready to install your floorcovering straight away the next day.


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