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Article Date: 13th July 2017

Bilco Smoke Vents Keep Burdiehouse Residents Safe

Smoke Vents - The Kilns - Barratt Homes - Vent Cover

Bilco - Burdiehouse

The Kilns development in Burdiehouse has created a number of two and three bedroom apartments, perfect for those who want to enjoy a rural lifestyle on the doorstep of Edinburgh. In order to keep all residents as safe as possible the development has been fitted with Bilco ESW-50REM smoke vents and control system. The development has been designed to provide views of the historic lime kilns located on the site as well as easy access to local schools and amenities.

Bilco’s ESW-50REM smoke vents can be fully integrated into a networked fire alarm or building management system using the company’s OS2 control unit. In the event that the power supply fails the OS2 control unit incorporates a 72 hour back up battery system to ensure that the smoke vents will still open.

A spokesperson for Barratt Homes said, "Although we hope that there will not be a situation when the smoke vents are required, safety of the residents who will occupy our developments is paramount. With Bilco we knew that we were getting products that could be relied upon to maximise occupants’ safety in the event of a fire. The smoke vents were supplied with a control panel, MCP fireman’s switch and smoke detectors, which meant added peace of mind that we had everything needed to keep residents safe."

Linear actuators fitted to the smoke vents will open the vent cover to the open position in as little as 60 seconds, whilst wind deflectors ensure that smoke can escape freely, preserving the required ventilation opening. ESW-50REM smoke vents are fully weatherproof, meaning that they will not compromise the integrity of the building when not in use. All Bilco smoke vents are CE Marked so that installers can be sure that they are fitting quality products that comply with all current guidelines.

"Bilco smoke vents are available in two standard sizes, a single leaf and a double leaf option, but they can also be manufactured to exacting standards to meet applications’ individual needs and specifiers’ exact specifications, providing a high quality bespoke product," said James Fisher, Managing Director, Bilco UK.

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