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Article Date: 10th July 2017

Flowcrete UK Unveils New Polished Concrete Flooring Range – Monodec

Polished Concrete Flooring - Monodec Floors - Resin Flooring Systems

Flowcrete - Monodec Flooring

Flowcrete UK has launched a new range of polished concrete systems to provide the construction industry with a greater range of flooring options than ever before.

Suitable for both commercial and industrial facilities, the Monodec range is ideal for transforming an existing concrete slab into a visually appealing surface that provides both easy cleanability and durability. Flowcrete UK has developed this new collection by bringing together specialist grinding and polishing techniques with high performance sealers, densifiers, coatings and dyes.

Monodec floors are created by using diamond grinding techniques to remove the surface laitance and expose the natural aggregates in the concrete mix. The slab is then treated to strengthen the concrete and ensure a uniform finish. Designers can even choose between a coloured stain or patterned visual effect.

Once treated the floor is then polished down to a super flat, super glossy surface that will not only achieve a high-end appearance but which will maintain an easy to clean, wear resistant finish for the long term. Additionally, Monodec floors have a lifecycle cost that is typically 60% lower than traditional floor coverings.

Consisting of three brand new polished concrete options and available in a variety of colours including: white, silver, grey, charcoal, brick red, safety yellow and slate, Flowcrete UK’s new range provides choices to suit any developer’s aesthetic, budgetary and functionality criteria. The three systems are:

  • Monodec Grande Lux: The premium Monodec system, Monodec Grande Lux involves the most grinding and polishing of the existing concrete slab in order to bring out the natural beauty and aesthetics of the cement matrix and its aggregates. Each Monodec Grande Lux floor is unique, as the final result depends on the existing slab’s specific make up. Thanks to its hardwearing nature, the floor’s super glossy, light-reflective finish won’t be spoiled by factors such as rubber-wheeled traffic.
  • Monodec Thin-Crete Lux: This system uses a pigmented overlay screed that contains fine aggregates to recreate the effect of a buffed or burnished concrete floor. As it does not contain any larger aggregates it will not replicate the exposed stone that you would see with a Monodec Grande Lux finish. An advantage of Monodec Thin-Crete is that it removes the unpredictability of working with construction concrete.
  • Monodec Thin-Crete Primo: An economical coloured concrete system that involves the installation of a pigmented screed that is sealed with a stain resistant coating but that requires no grinding and only minimal polishing.

The Monodec range is suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects. To provide architects and developers with even further flooring options, if the treatment of the existing concrete slab is not a possibility for the project at hand then the Monodec Thin-Crete systems can be used as decorative overlays.

Flowcrete UK has added a polished concrete flooring range to its extensive collection of resin flooring systems to ensure that construction industry professionals have as wide a spectrum of flooring solutions as possible available from a single source.

Resin coatings and polished concrete solutions both have distinct advantages and possibilities, if you’d like to find out more click here to download Flowcrete UK’s new white paper Comparing Polished Concrete and Resin Floor Options for Commercial Environments. Architects can even book onto a RIBA approved CPD seminar about specifying polished concrete that explores this type of flooring in depth, compares it to alternative materials and provides attendees with the practical info required to evaluate the available polished concrete options and make an informed decision. Get in touch with one of Flowcrete UK’s flooring experts today if you’ve got a question about polished concrete or want to book onto a CPD seminar.

Flowcrete - A cut-through image showcasing the sealers, densifiers, coatings and dyes used in Flowcrete UK's new Monodec Grande Lux system

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