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Article Date: 20th July 2017

Kingfisher Lighting - Lighting up the Manx Aviation & Military Museum

Manx Aviation Preservation Society - Military Museum - Pathway Lighting

Kingfisher - Manx Aviation and Military Museum

Kingfisher Lighting and The Manx Aviation Preservation Society (MAPS) teamed up to transform the lighting of the pathways leading to Manx Aviation and Military Museum on the Isle of Man.

Operated by MAPS, the Manx Aviation and Military Museum is located on the south side of the Isle of Man. Not only is this the site of the current airfield but it’s surrounded by buildings constructed in 1944 as part of the Fleet Air Arm station and Royal Naval Air Station Ronaldsway.

The museum is dedicated to the people who served from or in the Isle of Man in the cause of freedom during wartime. Its array of artefacts, photography, models and aircraft parts offer visitors an insight into island life during these periods.

Kingfisher - Manx Aviation and Military MuseumIn order to enhance the historic buildings, Air Marshal and Trustee at the Manx Air Museum, Sir Ian Macfadyen, contacted Kingfisher Lighting for recommendations and supply of exterior luminaires.

Klou-IK 180 bollards were selected and the installation completed by October 2016. These fittings were chosen not only for their aesthetic but the 500mm, 24W bollards provide the perfect radial distribution for this setting. They offer soft, low-to-ground light, highlighting the pathway and perimeter of the exhibition and museum area without taking the focus away from the historic buildings or affecting current airfield regulations.

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