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Article Date: 21st July 2017

Lighting Styles - Slimline LED Profile for Use Under Kitchen Cabinets

Slimline LED - Kitchen LED Strip - Lights Cabinet Lights

Lighting Styles - Under cupboard LED Light strip

This out of the box under cabinet kitchen LED strip lights solves the headache of building a tape and profile system. At only 13mm wide it can be installed without fuss in many locations.

Offered in four lengths each with a choice of warm white or cool white LED chips this LED strip gives diffused lighting.

One big advantage is that this LED light fixture can be surface mounted to the underside of cabinets, or if you want a flush hidden light it can be semi-recessed into a slot cut with a router.

Obviously this slimline product is too small to have an integral power supply so this would normally be located on top of the wall cabinet.

Offered here in the following lengths: 200mm (2.5 watts), 300mm (4 watts), 570mm (7.5 watts) and 870mm (11.5 Watts). A total length of 3600mm can be powered from a single input lead at one end.

The longer fixture provides over 1200 lumens so this type of fixture is quite bright and gives practical yet very even task lighting.

As always the choice over what colour LEDs you choose is up to you. But we strongly suggest that cool white is used in contemporary/modern kitchens that use white, grey and silver flecked granite while warm white LEDs are selected for kitchens with wood grain, warm coloured doors and worktops.

The input lead to this fixture is 1500mm long. One of these starter cables is required for each run of strips to be connected back to the driver.

Use a Corner Link for bends in a run up to 90°.

Use a Wired Connector for breaks in the light up to 500mm (you can extend this length if needed).

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