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Article Date: 24th July 2017

RCM Products - Histoire Du Louvre

Punkah Louvres - Diffuser Air Outlet - Air Ventilation Louvre

RCM - Punkah louvre

Punkah louvres from RCM are suitable for high velocity spot cooling applications. The unit is fully adjustable and can be used as either a jet or diffuser air outlet. Fully adjustable for direction of throw, they are particularly useful when ventilation is required to remote areas as its' velocity reduces the length of duct required. In heating systems the high velocity air delivered from the Punkah louvre affords adequate forced convection, avoiding stratification and allows the use of higher duct temperature. Punkah louvres operate at high pressure. Here its operating pressure bears high ratio to that of the duct system, it facilitates balancing without the use of dampers, deflectors or turn vanes.

Punkah Louvres manufactured by RCM are procured by the MOD for various applications across the military such as aircraft, tanks and submarines; and as such manufactured to a very high specification and standard.

Punkah louvres are available in cream, black or grey compression moulded plastic with a metal backing plate and available in the following models:

PKL/A - the simplest form providing wide range directional adjustment with fingertip control. Complete shut-off is obtained in one clearly marked position. Available in sizes 3 to 7.

PKL/B - has the additional feature of an internal control damper. This arrangement permits complete universal direction adjustment of the outlet together with volume regulation in any position. Available in sizes 3 to 6.

PKL/D - provides a choice between the characteristics of the high velocity jet outlet and jet position, a fully adjustable high velocity air stream is obtained. With the louvre in the diffused position draftless diffusion is provided. Shut-off is obtained at mid-way position. Available in sizes 3 to 6.

RCM - The Louvre, ParisRCM Punkah Louvres can be found in The Louvre Paris, keeping the location and sculptures at the required temperature.

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