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Article Date: 24th July 2018

ABB Distribution Solutions - ABB-tacteo® KNX Sensor

ABB-Tacteo® - KNX Sensors - Building Management - Lighting Control

ABB-tacteo® KNX Sensor

KNX sensors made of glass for the most demanding individual requirements. The ABB-tacteo® KNX Sensor is an individually-configurable control element for intelligent building management of luxury hotels, public buildings and high class residential buildings. This makes each sensor unique in design and function.

Individually configurable

Use the ABB-tacteo® configurator to design your own individual KNX sensor completely in line with your requirements. You determine its design and functions, define icons and texts and select the housing and button colours. Configure now and order directly from your wholesaler.

Intuitive operation

The capacitive glass KNX sensors react without touch and contact. If you approach the sensor with your hand, the status lighting switches on. If, however, you touch the sensor with the entire palm of your hand, a pre-programmed function is triggered. It goes without saying that the tried and tested color concept is also integrated.

Flat & theft proof

At 9.5 mm, the frameless and extra-flat KNX sensor barely touches the surface of the wall and thus blends harmoniously into any wall design. The removal protection, which protects the KNX sensor from theft, provides a pleasant feeling of security.

Hotel access control

The ABB-tacteo® KNX range also offers secure access control for the hospitality industry. Particularly practical: the sensor also performs all of a hotel’s management tasks, which can be controlled from a central point such as the reception desk.

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