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Article Date: 12th July 2018

DMS - The T210 (ScanCounter II) Remote Reader

ScanCounter Remote Reader - Meter Reading - Remote Meter Reader

DMS - The T210 (ScanCounter II) Remote reader

Want to reduce meter reading costs? Do you struggle to gain access to your meter? The T210 is a simple method of taking readings with CSV text files at the user’s command. The ScanCounter provides accurate readings for digital or pulsed registers while offering convenience and safety for the reader.

This remote reader has been designed for accurate counting of water and gas pulsed outputs (High integrity pulse counting), incorporating an easy to read display that is user friendly. Do you struggle to access your meter to take readings? Installing a T210 is the answer, the T210 can be installed in a location that is easy to gain access to, and so when it’s time to take a reading you won’t be struggling!

Simple installation! Installation is as easy as wiring the T210 to your meter - Using a wired connection, so if your meter is in a poorly lit or tight spot you can save yourself the hassle of struggling to take your readings. Taking a reading with your hands full? Not a problem! The T210 remote reader offers “touch free” reading.

Key factors; Long battery life, configurable via PSR140 and operating temperature of -30°C to +70°C.

If you would like to know more about making your meter readings easier and quicker, contact DMS who will be happy to discuss your needs and application.

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