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Article Date: 23rd July 2018

Systemair Access

Systemair Access - Air Handling - Indoor Climate - Ventilation Units

Systemair Access

At Systemair, we want to simplify the lives of our customers, and we believe that advanced technologies must be accessible to all. That's why we designed Systemair Access, an innovative control system for Topvex and Geniox air handling units.

Systemair Access optimises the ventilation performance of your unit, while improving the indoor climate for the occupants. We took inspiration from the simplicity of today’s smartphones to develop a logical and intuitive menu structure. It has never been easier to use all the features of Systemair air handling units to create the perfect indoor climate; whether you are a ventilation professional or not.

NaviPad, new 7" touch control

As intuitive as your smartphone
You will quickly become familiar with NaviPad! This new navigation tablet is ergonomic, robust and has an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface. We took inspiration from current consumer devices to develop the NaviPad user interface. Just click on an icon on your touchscreen to activate a feature, change a setting, or adjust a value.

Comfort for all
NaviPad will help you optimise the operation of your air handling unit, thereby promoting a pleasant indoor climate, while ensuring energy savings.

Navipad is connected to the control panel by a flat cable of 3m (not disconnectable from the tablet) and can be deported up to 100m by extending the TCP / IP cable. Mounted on the central unit or on a wall, it is easy to detach from its support for use in tablet mode.

Systemair - NaviPad, new 7" touch controlYou have control
Navipad gives you an overview of the features and settings of your unit. You do not have to be a ventilation expert to get the most out of your air handling unit.

This new touch control allows you to constantly monitor the status of your air handling unit. In case of error, you will be immediately notified by an alarm. Tap the alarm icon to view the list of active alarms and history.

Up to 9 units can be connected and controlled by a single NaviPad tablet.

Real-time data
It is easy to monitor and adjust the performance of your air handling unit. Operating data and synoptics are easily available in real time and can be changed in a few clicks.

Home button
Press the Home button to view the dashboard of all the units connected to the Navipad. This Home button will change color, from green to red, when a setting will require your attention.

Robust design
Tested for its resistance to falls, NaviPad is a robust and durable tablet, which will fit most of the restrictive installations.

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