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Article Date: 1st July 2019

Power Capacitors - Power Quality

Power Quality - Harmonic Filters - Power System - Electrical Networks

Power Capacitors - Power Quality

Power quality can affect the entire company performance, a fact easily and often overlooked by the management team. Power Capacitors Ltd.’s range of Merus Active Harmonic Filters provide a quick and effective response to power system variations, enabling higher process reliability, longer equipment life, reduced energy losses and increased productivity. It also makes it easy to comply with global power quality standards and demanding grid codes – even the management team can get behind that!

The rise of non-linear and other challenging loads in modern electrical networks present unique power quality challenges. Sensitive operations, challenging loads and isolated/weaker grids demand stricter power quality standards to safeguard the reliability of an electrical system for smooth industrial and commercial processes. Harmonics distortion, voltage variations, poor pf & load imbalance are the key elements that not only test the reliability of modern systems but also induce greater system losses.

So, an Active Harmonic Filter system makes sense really, doesn’t it?”

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